What I Wore: Dorothy Wiz

What I Wore:

Top - H&M

Skirt - Jaspal

Shoes - Lewre

Ring- Pandora

When I chose this outfit, I had Taylor Swift in mind. (Big Taylor Swift fan right here!) I loved how she paired stripes with red shorts/skirts and her signature red lips. The outfit looked even better with her light blonde hair. If I didn't have a wedding at the end of the year, I would consider dying my hair blonde! Just for the fun of it. 

This was an outfit I was supposed to wear for my engagement/pre-wedding photo shoot with the talented Jenny Sun but decided to swap the skirt with a pale blue skirt instead so that I will match my fiance better. I didn't want to waste this outfit (and the beautiful bouquet I ordered for the shoot) so we decided to take a few shots of this outfit at a park near Watsons Bay in Sydney. 

I thought I looked a little like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with my sparkly Lewre red shoes, hence the title of this post. I didn't realised this until my close friend, Cheryl pointed it out to me. Oh and I also cannot be happier when Jenny Sun and her team mentioned that my outfit for the shoot reminded them of Taylor Swift even with the pale blue skirt! 

Mission accomplished!