Daysleford : A Weekend Away

Daysleford : A Weekend Away
Jason and I decided to make a roadtrip down to Daysleford just for old times sake. We came here for one of my birthdays the last time and it will always hold a special place in my heart. We especially love dining at the Lake House. 

Food {Melbourne}: Macarons By Josephine 2

The title says 2 because this is not my first post on them. Click here to read my previous post on By Josephine.

I just can't get enough of their macarons. It's so chewy and full of flavour! :) It doesn't help that it's right behind my house in Melbourne. I can literally crawl and reach there within minutes. 

One fine Sunday, I took some of my closest friends with me to this cafe to share their awesome macarons. Needless to say, they enjoyed it! 

That's my 'very-satisfied-with-my-macarons' face.

Have a great day everyone.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed my macarons. 


Current Location : Melbourne

It feels so good to be back in Melbourne. I've been soaking in so much of Melbourne I didn't even have enough time to sleep properly! Yes, that's how much I love Melbourne. Everything here is picture perfect! It's truly beautiful where I am right now.

Here are some recent snaps I took strolling around town :

The first picture is one of my entries for the Witchery contest to win a chance to meet Olivia Palermo and VIP tickets to a runway show at Chadstone. Fingers crossed I'll win! :)

Now please excuse me while I enjoy the rest of my time in this gorgeous city!


Food {Melbourne}: Macarons By Josephine

There are only a few macarons places that I frequent. First is


, second is La Belle Miette and lastly Brunetti's. All the other macarons have this strong almond taste in them which I don't quite fancy. To be honest, I've tried Laduree's macarons before and I think it's a little bit over rated. Just an honest opinion, don't hate on me Laduree fans out there. :)

By Josephine

is a new macarons place located on Sydney Road, which is just nearby my house in Melbourne. *yeay!* Their macarons are smaller than usual but just the right size for macarons I reckon.   Usually you get overwhelmed by all the sweetness of the macaroon, you can only have 1 or two. But this one, I can have 5 all to myself! #omnomnom

Lucky me, the owner and baker of By Josephine was there that day. I had a brief chat with her and found out that she used to supply to other major dessert places. She only recently decided to open her cafe and cater directly to the public. Bless her soul for doing so, if not I wouldn't have discovered this amazing place. Not only does her macarons taste good, it's cheaper compared to all the macarons places I mentioned. A box of 12 macarons would cost you around AUD28. :) I hope her prices wouldn't increase in the near future though. Yummy and affordable macarons is the way to go!

Looking at all these pictures makes me wanna go back for more now!

My favourite flavour would be the salted caramel and black sesame. They just melt in your mouth, oh my. Remember to eat them fresh, they taste much better than leaving it in the fridge over night. Her specialty are those infused with flower flavour like Jasmine and such. The baker used to be a florist hence the floral influence in her macarons.  Also, do try their French Kumi tea. I had their Earl Grey tea and it went very well with the macarons. 

Let me know if you've been there and what was your experience like. :)

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Travel {Sydney}: Taronga Zoo

Out of all the amazing places in Sydney, why a zoo you asked? 

Because Taronga Zoo is pretty damn amazing. Imagine a zoo up on a hill somewhere over looking Sydney city. Also, you don't just drive up to the hill, you take a cable car up to the zoo! How cool is that? Melbourne's Zoo is no where near as cool as Taronga.

Trust me, I live right behind it.

It was my second time there but I was still happy to explore it all over again. Especially looking at those cute little sleepy koalas. Too cute to pass. My favourite picture would be the one I took of the gorillas looking bored to death. There was a moment when I caught one of the gorillas eyes and I could almost feel his boredom. :( It was rather sad though, I can't imagine being cooped up in a cage all day.

What I wore:

Leather Jacket - Promod

Top - FreeFlow from

Jeans- Uniqlo

Travel {Sydney}: Bondi Beach

What I wore:

Sunglasses and Sunburst Necklace - House of Harlow 

Cardigan/ Dress -

Sandals - Parkson

Bag - Longchamp

On my recent trip back to Australia, my siblings and I decided to drop by Sydney for a few days. Our first stop was the famous Bondi Beach. The weather was perfect at the beach, it was scorching hot but the cool breeze made it so much more bearable. This wasn't my first time there but it was for my siblings so it's a must to bring them there to see the view and also to try the oh so famous, Fried Mars Bars. Before I could even snap a picture, it was all gone within 2 seconds! Yup, it IS that good. I usually visit Bondi Beach during a weekday cause I know it gets pretty busy during the weekends. Due to our tight schedule, we had to go there during the weekend and boy, it was pack to the brim. You can literally sea a bed of human bodies on the beach from one end to the other! I guess the Aussies do really love their beach huh?

I've planned to wear this colourful long cardigan/dress even before my trip to Sydney. It's perfect for the beach. The airiness and flowiness of the fabric made it so easy to wear under the hot sun. I loved how there are buttons from top to the very bottom of the dress. You can button it however you like. I prefer to button it up until the knee to create that peek-a-boo look. 

Have you been to Bondi Beach before?

Photos by Sherlyn Yong

Edited by me