Everyday Prints for FREE at Artifact Uprising

Hey everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I printed a set of calendar for 2017 from Artifact Uprising with my pictures and I absolutely loved it! I loved it so much that I gave away a few sets to some of my followers. 


So I'm very excited to announce my collaboration with Artifact Uprising. This time around, everyone gets ONE set of print (1 set contains 25 prints) for FREE! YAY! 


FREE Prints

Use code: Print25onkim


This freebie is only for their EVERYDAY Prints linked here. All you need to do is:

  • choose the size of the prints you want
  • click create your prints
  • you can upload your pictures or login to your Instagram (or other social accounts) to drag the pictures that you want to their Editor
  • use code Print25onkim (remember to login first)
  • the code can only be used once per account
  • the code is only valid until 15th August 2017

That's it! Happy creating and do share your prints with me by tagging me on Instagram, I would love to see it. 


***Please note that shipping is not included in this deal. And yes they ship worldwide.

Honeymoon Shoot with WanderZoom

As much as I love having my photos taken when I'm travelling (usually by my husband hehe), it's always better to have photos us two at our travel destination. Especially for this particular trip because it was our very much delayed, (by 2 years!) honeymoon trip! 

So I'm very happy we've engaged WanderZoom for this purpose. Not only did we get to keep our memories together in Copenhagen, we also got a free tour out of our photoshoot with our photographer Nick. 

He showed us places that the locals would go to for food, historical buildings and even told us about the property rental market in the city. Instead of bringing us to the usually crowded canals, he brought us to an equally beautiful canal with the famous colourful houses- minus the many MANY tourists! The area that he brought us around for photos is called Christianshavn. I highly recommend this place if you want to take serene and beautiful photos of the beautiful canal. 

I honestly think photos are the best form of souvenirs from your travels. 

Here are some of our souvenirs to you from Copenhagen :)

Thanks again WanderZoom for the awesome service!


5 reasons why you should pamper your hair


WHY you should pamper your hair NOW:

  1. Your hair frames your face and it's the first thing someone notices when they meet you for the first time
  2. You can save time styling your mane when it's been cared for properly 
  3. Because your hair goes through a lot - daily (i.e. blow dryer, curling iron, straightener, styling products, extreme weather conditions (hello Melbourne))
  4. Split ends are not cool, no matter how pretty your new hair colour is or how voluminous your blow dry is
  5. I mean who doesn't love a good hair day, everyday right?

Ok, I'll add in one more for myself : Because I feel like I can take on the world when I have a good hair day! Anyone else with me? 

HOW you can care for your hair better

I probably invest more in my hair than my face to be honest. Only because I'm not very good with make up (hence I don't wear a lot of it) and my skincare routine is VERY simple. However, for my hair, oh dear, where do I start? I've permed it, bleached it 3 times in one seating, dyed it, curled it, straighten it, anything you can think of, I have done to my poor hair. 

See below:

I had to chop off my hair because it was breaking every time I comb through it. It was pretty scary! So since then, I've decided to take haircare seriously. Now, I've told you WHY now is the HOW.

Apart from nourishing from the inside, I believe that you should still care for your hair daily from the outside. After your hair has grown, it's pretty much dead and the only way you can maintain it is by pampering it from the outside.

5 How-To Steps to pamper your hair:

 1.Use pre-treatment on your hair before washing
I recently added this to my routine and I wish I had known this earlier. Because my roots are oily and my ends are dry, it's hard to care for both. One of my friends suggested that I should only shampoo the roots of my hair and not the ends, seriously how does one do that?! Lucky for me, I found De Lorenzo's Essential Treatments Oil Balance. I spray it on my dryer ends and let it sit for 10 mins before I shampoo my hair. The blend of oil in this product mimics our hair's natural sebum and by making my ends oilier before shampooing, this would balance my hair out and won't dry out my ends.

2. Use a wide toothed comb to comb through your hair when it's wet
This is a must for me to ensure my hair doesn't break when I comb through before blow drying it. This can also prevent unnecessary hair loss.

3. Apply strengthening spray to avoid split ends
Besides applying a mask, it's also important to apply strengthening spray to your hair. Especially for people like me who often get split ends from all the hair dying process. De Lorenzo's Protein Complex spray does the job for me. I apply it before conditioning. Make sure to towel dry your hair after shampooing and before applying the strengthening spray so that your hair can absorb all the goodness from the spray better. Also, it contains quinoa protein, this got to be good for your hair right? 

4. Use hair masque/treatment at least once a week
Ok, I do this once every 2 days because I have serious issues with my dry ends. Also I love the feeling of going through my silky smooth hair after I apply a hair masque. I use De Lorenzo's Essential Treatments Equilibrium Repair Treatment for my hair after I shampoo it. My hair feels so smooth and soft, even after blow drying it, by using their treatment. It also SMELLS amazing!  Conditioning is not enough if your hair is always exposed to hot styling tools like a blow dryer or a curler. 

5. Do not tie your hair in a tight pony tail for too long
This is based on my own experience. I used to tie my hair up all the time because my roots get oily pretty quick and this caused my hair to break easily, especially after bleaching it. Try not to tie your hair up all the time, use a dry shampoo instead to combat oily roots and only tie your hair up when it's absolutely necessary like when working out. 

What are some of your hair care tips? I would love to know!


Photography: Blue Dress {Charis}

Photography: Blue Dress {Charis}
I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful and talented young lady,Charis, today. This girl has so much energy in her, it's unbelievable, in a good way of course. Not only is she talented, she's so sweet and humble in person too. So glad we got to know each other Charis, here's to the start of an awesome friendship.