Over the moon

I was scrolling down my daily blog reads on google reader and came across this post by Vic from oh, prettyful.

Can I just tell you how happy I was when I saw that?

Her blog is just filled with prettiness and there's nothing that I don't love about her blog.
To be featured on her blog is like being in a room filled with cotton candy and all it's goodness.


If you like pretty stuff, please drop by and say Hi to Vic.

Last cotton candy 'inspired' picture:


Sydney 2011: Vivid Sydney

May/June 2011

Sydney is one of the places I visit yearly in Australia. It's only an hour and a half away and there are some things there that we just can't get here in Melbourne.
Usually, we go to Sydney for their food but this time around, Vivid Sydney was going on so we decided to drop by and see what it's all about.

Vivid Sydney is basically a light show which happens yearly in Sydney. The whole of Sydney City Centre will be beautifully lit up. There were also awesome high tech interactive light projections that you can play with.
Click here if you want to know more about Vivid Sydney.

I laugh every time I see this picture:
 It seems like we were two BFFs,holding each other's hands tightly, who hasn't seen each other for the longest time. That poor girl was trying to balance herself on those sticks so that I can capture a shot. :(

Super big "laser pencil":

For you to "write" on the wall of Sydney's building:

The highlight of Vivid Sydney was the lit up Opera House.
It was so beautiful!
I didn't have a DSLR with me that night and my Canon G11 wasn't the best camera to use to capture night shots. I felt so inferior next to all the pro photographers with their DSLR, huge lenses, a full stand and the whole shebang.

Nonetheless I did manage to capture some decent shots to share it here:
I was trying to be artistic.

I also made a gif of the flying jellyfish on the Opera House:

More pictures of Vivid Sydney:

Besides light projection, there was a night market as well. You can find all sorts of food, arts and crafts at the market. 

Greek pancakes. Oh so good! :

Another picture of the Opera House to end this post:

 Hope everyone had a lovely Sunday :)

Westfield Shoe Review


There's nothing I love more than online shopping.
Those who know me personally or has been following my blog will know that this is a indeed, a fact.

Especially now, during the colder season, when it's all windy and wet outside, the last thing I want to do is go out and shop. I don't know about you but when I'm all wrapped up in my winter clothing, I don't like the hassle of taking all the layers I piled on myself off, just to try one top. Worse, if I have my boots on and I want to try on a pair of jeans or pants.

Why go through all the hassle when you can go online shopping at the comfort of your own home (or even at the office during lunch breaks, *guilty*) while sipping on a cup of tea?

When I was given the opportunity to shop for ladies shoes at Westfield Online Shoe Store ,guess what I did? 

Yup, that's right.I jumped right into it! :)

There were so many nice shoes to choose from the store. 
I wanted to buy everything!!

Westfield Shoes

After many many hours of browsing and contemplating, I've finally made my choices and..........

TADA! This is what I've chosen:
Therapy's Boho Boots in Taupe by Wanted Shoes.

What do you think?
I loveeeee it! :) 
If you're looking for the same pair that I've got, click here.
They are currently doing FREE shipping to anywhere in Australia. So hurry up and click here and start shopping! :)

I also got a pair of leopard printed Havainas for momsy cause she wanted a pair to bring back home.

Thanks Kae Yen for making this possible. :)

Sportsgirl cape, Cheap Monday skinnies
Only picture I've got of me and my awesome new shoes so far. very bad quality, I know.. :/

For all bloggers who uses Wordpress:

Wordpress has collaborated with Westfield Shoes and came up with a FREE downloadable fashion theme.

*click* to explore the theme
It has everything that you would otherwise pay for in a theme. (i.e. twitter function, popular posts, and other popular plugins). Too bad I'm not familiar with wordpress, if not I would have used it :).

Do check it out.

The Joy Pledge

I've decided to join the joy pledge:

"Enter: the joy pledgea dedicated effort to find and choose joy on a regular basis in hopes that sharing it will, in turn, inspire others to choose joy as well."

the joy pledge.

"How it works:
There are no rules to the joy pledge. This isn’t a weekly or monthly project, or something dedicated solely to photos or solely to words. A joy pledge post stems purely from inspiration. Maybe it’s a photo of a sunset, or a description of a newly mastered yoga pose. It might be a recorded conversation with a stranger, or a picture of the best cupcake you’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling. A joy pledge post exists to share and inspire the art of finding and choosing joy at every available opportunity.
If you choose to take the joy pledge, the same rules (or lack thereof) apply to you. Bonus points will be awarded to those who can find joy in the most uncommon (and perhaps unjoyful) places.
This isn’t about me, and it’s not about you. This is about uscreating, sharing, and inspiring joy with and for each other. This is our year. Let’s not let it go to waste, but do good with it. "

If you're like me or Ashlee and would like to share joyous moments do join the pledge