Girls who brunch together, stay together

Come brunch with us

We decided to take a fun video of our brunch date at Patch Cafe in Richmond when Asma' was in Melbourne for a short visit. This one is definitely going in to the album for sure. I've learnt to document moments in my life in a video form. Though it's a lot of work, but they really are precious. 

Special thanks to Salamah for putting this together for us.


Stripes & Twist

What I Wore : Leather Jacket - Zara, Top- Melbourne Apparel Co, Shorts - Zara, Shoes - Dotti, Bag - LV Twist

Two things that I'm currently loving in my wardrobe right now - anything stripes and this LV twist bag in red! I've been eyeing on this bag since FOREVER. So happy it's in my hands now. Yay! Apparently it was the last one in Japan and I just had to get it. 

I also recently found this local Melbourne brand called M.A.C - Melbourne Apparel Co which sells the BEST basics at affordable prices. Best thing is, it's locally made! I was not sponsored by them, I just happened to stumbled upon them after lunch in Abbotsford. If you're in Melbourne, definitely check the shop out:

Melbourne Apparel Co
247 Johnston Street
(03) 8456 8525

More on this store on Broadsheet

Summer Days


So glad to be back in Melbourne where it's warmer after being in the cold for a month

Silver hair, boat hat and a breezy playsuit. That's all I need in the summer!


I have so many travel photos to share but editing and grouping them to share here is no easy task. But I will try my best to post them up as quickly as possible. Stay tuned!


The Pink Lake

The Pink Lake
In Melbourne city, we are fortunate enough to have our very own man made 'pink' lake at the Westgate Park. What makes it pink is the high salt content in the lake and the warm weather condition. Otherwise, it will just be blue. 

What I Wore: Statement Basics at The Stables of Como

What I Wore: Statement Basics at The Stables of Como
Recently, I've been obsessed with graphic/statement basics. Be it a tee or a jumper. It's so easy to wear and goes with just about anything. You can dress it up with a skirt or go casual with just a pair of shorts and slip on sneakers

What I Wore : Magnolia

What I Wore : Magnolia
It's so good to be back in Melbourne. I've missed Melbourne so much, especially my lovely neighbourhood that's surrounded by Magnolia trees. They are my absolute favourite flower tree. I think this outfit and flowers of mine suit the colour tone of this tree so well.