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Over the moon

I was scrolling down my daily blog reads on google reader and came across this post by Vic from oh, prettyful.

Can I just tell you how happy I was when I saw that?

Her blog is just filled with prettiness and there's nothing that I don't love about her blog.
To be featured on her blog is like being in a room filled with cotton candy and all it's goodness.


If you like pretty stuff, please drop by and say Hi to Vic.

Last cotton candy 'inspired' picture:


A Vintage Tea Party

This year would be the year of organising parties for the younger siblings!
Back in May I organised my sister's 21st birthday party and not too long after, I had the opportunity to assist one of my dearest friends, Cheryl, for her sister's surprise Vintage Tea Party.

It was planned a while ago before Carene's actual birthday but everything was prepared at the last minute.
For a last minute job, I think she did exceptionally well.
Wait 'till you see all the pictures below, of the food, props and decorations, you will be in awe!

Handmade felt flag banners:

Fresh alnwick roses (I think) and hydrangeas:

'C' for Carene:

I helped with the display of the dessert/food table (^_^) :

Ta dah! All done & ready for the birthday girl and her guests:

Since it's a vintage tea party, vintage looking tea cups are a must and of course some English tea too:

Macaroons and cupcakes from Little Cupcakes Melbourne:

Heart and Star shaped fruit cut outs:

Iced fruit tea:

These were absolutely yummy. Wanton skin seafood salad:

"Konyaku" Jelly:

Assorted chocolates from Coco Black, home made strawberry tarts and home made blueberry cheesecake cups:

Home made chocolate cupcakes:

Bread Top Melbourne's yam cake. Best Asian cake, ever:

A compulsory picture of the pretty birthday girl. The flower headband was bought by Cheryl especially for this party. Then again, everything else was ALSO bought specifically for the party.

Meet Carene:
Pretty, isn't she?
If anyone reading is interested in hiring her as a
 freelance model, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Birthday girl and her speech bubbles.
All handmade by Cheryl and written by all the guests:

The birthday girl and her awesome party planner sister:

All the food (except for those that were mentioned above with names of stores accordingly) and decoration props were done by Cheryl herself. *claps*

Psst, I only contributed10% of my assistance for this party. Most of the time I was playing with the props:

Another successful party organising. Who wants to hire us now? :P

I'm also taking the opportunity of this heavy-food-picture-post to join:

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p/s: konyaku jelly pic.