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Fashion {#ND4FV} - Nora Danish x Fashion Valet

Fashion {#ND4FV} - Nora Danish x Fashion Valet
Fashion Valet has teamed up with the gorgeous Nora Danish (a popular Malaysian actress and personality) to come out with a full range of monochromatic traditional clothing for this year's Eid. You can never go wrong with a good black and white palette! I've got my eyes on one of them #ND4FV pieces already.

Photography {Wedding} : Mardhy & Arief

Photography {Wedding} : Mardhy & Arief
The wedding was so chill and intimate yet so much fun! Most of the Malay weddings I've been to have lots of protocol to be followed, so it was really refreshing to attend their wedding. There was a pop corn and cotton candy machine! Now I want me one of those each for my own wedding! 

Photography : Baby D

Ok, this will be the first time you'll see pictures of a baby on my blog. I guess I've reached that age where everybody is married and popping out babies! Hehe

I've had the privilege to take pictures of Vivy's lil' boy, Daniel. It took a while for us to get here but we finally settled with a date and time for this photo shoot session.

O.M.G, he is by far the cutest baby I've laid eyes on and also my first baby 'client'.  It was hard capturing him only because I have to stop and pinch his round round cheeks each time! Thank you Vy for this opportunity, so glad I got to do this. 

Here are some naps of him, more pictures on


Fashion: Fashion Valet for Downy Mystique

Recently Downy (yes the fabric softener) collaborated with

Fashion Valet

's big boss Vivy Yusof  for their Downy Parfum Mystique fashion line. Together with FV's Head Designer they came out with a beautiful collection in black and gold. I was fortunate enough to be able to take some shots with my humble camera amongst the sea of professional photographers.

Here are some shots I've taken from the show:

Here are a few of my favourite looks from this collection:

I really love those fishtail pleats detail at the back of the first gold top. I also love how sleek and femininely sexy yet modest the gold maxi dress is! 

For more runway pictures, stay tuned to

Fashion Valet's Facebook


One thing I love about my job as a Head Buyer is that I get to attend events like this. At times it gets tiring but at the end of the day, it's definitely worth it. :) Can't complain about it. 

This collection will be live on our website sometime in September *fingers cross!* 

P/s: Those leggings you see here will be available on

Fashion Valet

soon! Look out for the brand