Cafe Scene featuring Kate Spade//Shopbop

Cafe Scene featuring Kate Spade//Shopbop
I'm a big fan of stationeries, especially pretty ones like this, from Kate Spade. I love it even more when they come in cute packages. I don't know about you but I feel more motivated to write or jot down notes with a nice looking pen rather than a normal one.

What I Wore: Of Pina Colada and Michael Kors

What I Wore: Of Pina Colada and Michael Kors
It was a bright sunny day in Melbourne the other day so my friend, Sera and I went to Sydney Road for a stroll and a little bit of shopping.

Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List
I was browsing the other day and saved heaps of stuff in my cart which sadly, I had to move to my 'Wish List' cause I can't afford the items just yet. (plus with the wedding at the end of the year, my pockets are pretty much empty now) They were all such beautiful pieces and I didn't want to just disregard them so I thought I'd start on my 'Wish List' again and share it in this space.

Gmarket haul & February buys

I went on an online shopping frenzy recently and purchased a few items on Gmarket.

Okay maybe a little more than just a 'few' *yikes*
The deals on Gmarket are really good so I just had to grab some items for myself. This would be my 4th time purchasing items from them.
If you haven't heard of Gmarket before, it's a Korean based online shopping mall. They offer warehouse and full priced items to the public. Most of the clothing on their website is of good quality as compared to other blog shops and their prices are very affordable.

For first timers, the website may hard to navigate, especially when you need to add an item to your shopping cart. Only a handful of sellers name their items in English, the rest are all in Korean. Once you get the hang of it though, it will be much easier to shop there. There are a few Gmarket tutorials out there made by very nice people to help those of you who don't know how to navigate the website.

Here are a 'few' of my buys:

All of the above item, individually ranges from AUD12 to AUD35.
The total, including shipping fees, of all the items is AUD 192.

Next is my new Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon laptop bag. is now offering FREE worldwide express shopping for orders above USD 100.
I got this gem for USD 128 and I love it! Been wanting to get one for a while now.

Also, my business cards finally arrived. Shout out to Arin from for her excellent customer service and products. The cards were designed, printed, packaged and sent within a week!! 
Not to mention the business cards and samples design only cost me RM88 which is approximately AUD28. 

I can't wait for the weather to be colder so I can wear these pieces out.

This month's purchases, yay or nay?

Camberwell Market

Hello everyone,

I will be selling brand new, second hand and some vintage items tomorrow at Camberwell Market. (Stall 342)

If you're from Melbourne, please drop by and say hi, if not to buy my items. :)

Tweed jacket, selling for AUD 30 only!

"Shop Accidental Encounters: Camberwell Market Items: Shop Accidental Encounters will be selling brand new and second hand items at Camberwell Market this Sunday from 6 am onwards! So if you'r..."

I was going through my old accessories and found this rabbit ring from Schmooks!

So adorable don't you think? I'm keeping this one. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ad: {} is an online retail store based in Singapore which sells affordable and fashionable pieces.
Good news for all you who are overseas, they offer FREE worldwide shipping at the moment so hurry up and click this link to grab some awesome pieces for your wardrobe!

Here are some of my picks for the ladies:
1. Finders Keepers Drive By Shorts AUD45.10
2. Free People New Romantics Tarpaulin Tunic AUD99.40
3. Kling t-shirt Poplar AUD 22.90

Here are some of my picks for the men:
1. We are Tuk Tuk Blue Chino Shorts AUD37.50
2. Coupe Cousu Grey Shirt with Mesh Shoulder Patches AUD 121.60
3. We are Tuk Tuk Mustard Yellow Chinos AUD 52.80

Have fun online shopping!