Work: Jakarta Photo Diary

As much as I hate Jakarta's horrendous traffic, I do like going Jakarta for work. Though we are always rushing but I still find time to appreciate the immaculate interior design of each and every cafe or restaurant in their malls. The food is mediocre but their decoration is always spot on. During this trip, I discovered this good coffee place called DJOURNAL in Grand Indonesia mall. A must visit when you're in the city. Other than that, I also love catching up with

Fashion Valet

's Indonesian brands and designers. Not only that, I can't wait to bring back the goodies to share with our customers on the website!

*Disclaimer - 80% of what I did during my work trip is obviously not included in this post ;)*

Photos by

Asma' Nasa

and myself

Fashion: Fashion Valet for Downy Mystique

Recently Downy (yes the fabric softener) collaborated with

Fashion Valet

's big boss Vivy Yusof  for their Downy Parfum Mystique fashion line. Together with FV's Head Designer they came out with a beautiful collection in black and gold. I was fortunate enough to be able to take some shots with my humble camera amongst the sea of professional photographers.

Here are some shots I've taken from the show:

Here are a few of my favourite looks from this collection:

I really love those fishtail pleats detail at the back of the first gold top. I also love how sleek and femininely sexy yet modest the gold maxi dress is! 

For more runway pictures, stay tuned to

Fashion Valet's Facebook


One thing I love about my job as a Head Buyer is that I get to attend events like this. At times it gets tiring but at the end of the day, it's definitely worth it. :) Can't complain about it. 

This collection will be live on our website sometime in September *fingers cross!* 

P/s: Those leggings you see here will be available on

Fashion Valet

soon! Look out for the brand



Behind The Scene : CNY styling for Capital TV

A few weeks ago Capital TV stopped by our HQ for an interview session with Vivy for I was assigned to style-it, Chinese New Year style!! So think lots of red and gold! :)

We have plenty of gorgeous clothing for Chinese New Year so I was really excited to style for this set.

For our first model these are her looks:

Our second model's looks:

And last but not least ,Vivy's outfit for the interview:

Vivy is wearing

Skelly's baroque top in red

and Ola earrings.

Our first model is quite petite so I chose outfits that will compliment an average height lady.

First look:

Free flow sleeveless top with

dressingpaula's gold sequin skirt

 and Kiss and Tell's red wedges.

I love the skirt so much I bought one for myself to wear during Chinese New Year. This skirt is surprisingly comfy to wear despite the sequins all around it. If only it wasn't so eye-catching, I would've  worn it everyday.

Second look:

Sereni & Shentel headband


dressingpaula peplum dress

and Kiss and Tell's red heels.

Third look:

Skelly pants, red jacket (coming soon), Janelle necklace and Kiss and Tell floral pumps. 

Our second model is tall and lanky therefore I chose outfits which will compliment her body type such as knee length skirts and asymmetrical long top.

Fourth look:

Red diamante kaftan from


 and headband from


Fifth look:


neon necklace, Kiss and Tell


top and Skelly

pants in mustard


The finale look for both models:


House of Doll

flowy dress and Glam Rock Chic heels


Dude and the Duchess

red dress and Z'NG booties.

We so much fun shooting this interview for Capital TV. We were laughing half the time, even with the presenter. 

Which outfit is your favourite? Mine is definitely the gold skirt and flowy dress number :)

Awesome Peplum is awesome!

These pretty detachable peplum belts arrived in the office yesterday and the buying team got a wee bit excited.

We were called the "confused ballerinas", mixing prints and sequins together.

Do you like detachable peplum belts? 

I love them!

I think whoever came up with this is a genius! 

#ChurpOut2012 & Fashion Valet's Fashion Show

After a whole day of running around all sweaty and gross, I'm so glad the event turned out great! 
The event organizers did a good job in organizing the whole event and on our part, I think we did a good job preparing for it too. 

My main concern was the Fashion Show that night. I've been back stage at fashion shows before and trust me, if it's not organized properly things can go horribly wrong!

We did the prep work 2 weeks before the show and only started accessorising the outfits the night before. For me, I prefer to lay out the outfit so I can picture it better. Visualizing it in my head just doesn't work for me.

Our fashion show's flat lay look below:

The above look book or reference was so crucial! Without it, we wouldn't have survived the night. As much as you remember the outfits you've put together, when the actual show begins, all hell breaks lose and you will forget something!

Thank God the show went smoothly at the front end even though backstage was pretty chaotic. We even had time to watch the finale walk of all the models together. Smoothest fashion show ever!

Some pictures of the models in FashionValet's clothing that night:

Picture taken from ChurpChurp

I love Asma's transition of colours for all the outfits. 

Our booth session was heaps of fun too. We got fed and was well taken care by both our bosses who ran around to get us food! :) Also, it's always nice to talk to returning customers and see both familiar and new faces. I managed to sell heaps of stuff that day. I gotta say, having work experience  as a retail assistant before comes in handy.

Marissa and I mending our booth. I tried my best to make the accessories table look attractive and pretty.

Happy faces after a long day of work:

My outfit of the day:
SPOTLIGHT kimono cardigan -
Necklace - Bangkok
Pants - Promod
Accessories of the day consists of stolen neon bracelet from Asma', favourite gold spikes bracelet from gmarket, Mimi bracelet from FashionValet and both rings from LowLuv by Erin Wasson.

Wearing Dior Addict's lip glow. The lip balm which makes you look like you have lipstick on and glides on oh, so smoothly. The colour differs on each and every person depending on your natural lip colour. Absolutely love this product!

Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine, if not better! :)

Mims & Kim: Outfit #1

Please excuse the random title, I didn't know what to call this post. I've been taking lots of pictures but just didn't have enough time to do a proper post. So thank God for public holidays (Malaysia turned 55 this year ya'll!) , I have a little extra time on my hands to blog a little. :)

During work, Asma' and I did a spontaneous shoot with this lovely

floral pants suit


, for marketing purposes.

COVETZ Floral Pants Suit, Kiss & Tell Peep Toe Heels both from

Studded bracelet, stylist's own (Mine!:P)

We thought we should do some outfit shots while we're at it, since the sun is shining against the blue wall behind us.

I know we look serious in all our outfit shots but most of the time, we were laughing a whole lot!

Both our clutches are from


I'm wearing all accessories from Lovisa, top from American Apparel, skirt from Topshop, shoes from Hong Kong.