at home

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're having an amazing time with your loved ones this year. 


One of the things I enjoyed doing this Christmas is definitely making festive drinks. I had a lot of hot chocolate already and thought I should switch it up a bit. So I switched back to coffee but added cinnamon powder and also replaced regular milk with soy milk (I used Bonsoy). Also added a dash of brown sugar to bring out the flavour more. 

This accidental concoction is so delicious and it goes so well with my Gingerbread men cookies! Try this recipe out if you have time and let me know if you like it! 

  1. Instant coffee (espresso, whatever you prefer)
  2. Soy milk. I usually froth it before hand, I like warm and thick milk
  3. Cinnamon powder
  4. Brown Sugar
  5. Whipped Cream
  6. Gingerbread cookies!

A Blushing Block


Currently on my bedside table is this beautiful, super soft leather Block Wallet from The Horse.  It goes so well with everything on my bedside table (including my blush cushion), I'm tempted to just leave it there! But I won't, of course. 

It also has my initials monogrammed on it. I love ANYTHING personalised. I think I have 5 or so accessories that are monogrammed. 

Fun fact: My initial is KL and KL is also the initial of the city I grew up in, which is Kuala Lumpur. 

I also love the interior of the wallet as it has a lot of card compartments and a pen holder! My pen always go missing and I always have to find a replacement so this is perfect!


At Home - Corner Wardrobe

I've decided to make myself a 'Corner Wardrobe' just outside my bedroom. I'm so excited about this 'new' space of mine! The reason why I did this is because my actual closet is so packed and unorganized at the moment. Being able to organize and curate the key pieces that I want to wear by the week/season feels amazing. (am slightly OCD) I love it when things are organized, clean and looking pretty. 

I recently purchased the Scandi Rack from Kmart and thought that'd be a perfect fit for this space. I'm still in the process of building it up and making it look cosy and pretty. I might just end up reading a book there just cause it's such a nice space. 

Big thank you to Flowers Across Aus for making my 'Corner Wardrobe' even prettier. 


Another must have at home for me are CANDLES! Lots and lots of candles! My favourite are the ones from Glasshouse. My favourite is Saigon (Lemongrass), Marseille and Amalfi Coast. They make your house smells absolutely divine.


The bouquet I received from Flowers Across Australia was so beautiful! Love the colour palette as well. Not only that, they are probably the only florists I know that includes a 'Flower Food' sachet for their customers to put in the water with the vase. How thoughtful!

The flowers came with "Flower Food", how cute!


At Home - Dahlias

I think as I grow older, my home has become my favourite place to hang out. Hence, I do my best to keep it clean, update the decor once in a while and make it look as cosy as possible. I mean we do spend a lot of time at home, so why not? 

I love buying fresh flowers for my home. There's just something about keeping fresh flowers at home that makes the whole house feels livelier. Plus, they smell so good! Like these dahlias I took home with me after a floral arrangement class my friend Sera invited me to. They are just too pretty to not take pictures of.



It's good to be home! Will be doing more of this 'At Home' series in the my future posts.