Mom's 50th Birthday Cake

My mom doesn't usually eat cake and most of the time she wouldn't even bother with a birthday cake. This year for her 50th I've decided to make her birthday a lil bit special by getting her a designer cake. I've booked the talented cake boss from Gataeuxlicious  aka


 a long time ago for this special day. The only thing that wasn't finalised was the design of her cake.

A week before I decided to sketch it for Asma' but my sketches are horrible so I got my brother to do a few sketches and he came up with the below sketch using just paint! I was quite impressed cause I can't even draw a stick man properly, what more a cake. My mom has always wanted this Chanel bag but obviously I can't afford it just yet, so I decided to make her a miniature sugar version of it for her. Hehe, it looks so much like the real thing and check out the detailing and real chain on the bag.  I love Asma's attention to detail when it comes to her cake. It's always perfect!

The cake was supposed to be purple but because of the silver glitter, we thought the peach/pink would suit it better and it certainly did! Hope you like this cake as much as we do :)

What do you think of the cake?

Current Location : Melbourne

It feels so good to be back in Melbourne. I've been soaking in so much of Melbourne I didn't even have enough time to sleep properly! Yes, that's how much I love Melbourne. Everything here is picture perfect! It's truly beautiful where I am right now.

Here are some recent snaps I took strolling around town :

The first picture is one of my entries for the Witchery contest to win a chance to meet Olivia Palermo and VIP tickets to a runway show at Chadstone. Fingers crossed I'll win! :)

Now please excuse me while I enjoy the rest of my time in this gorgeous city!


Photogaphy : A Cabbage Story

I love having real flowers as decoration around the house. It just brings the house or area to life. I used to be able to buy real flowers every weekend when I was in Melbourne. In KL however, I find it really hard to get fresh flowers, especially in the area that I live in.



' big boss, 


, brought me to a florist wholesaler. Unfortunately due to the festive season, most of the flowers were gone! I had to settle with the flowers above (not that I'm complaining!). While looking for flowers, I stumbled upon this cabbage looking flower. The colour and the look of it is so unique, I decided to just get it. The cabbage looking flower is actually called Brassica. It looks like a mixture of cabbage and rose. I love the combination of green and purple together, it's just too pretty. Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers, I'm so happy I was able to get a decent bunch and it's in my favourite colour purple as well! The carnations were a last minute decision, I thought the vibrant red colour would go really well with my turquoise vase. When I went back home, I quickly arranged the flowers so I can capture it during sunset. It was just so magical.

Wish I have the luxury to buy fresh flowers everyday.

Fashion: Fashion Valet for Downy Mystique

Recently Downy (yes the fabric softener) collaborated with

Fashion Valet

's big boss Vivy Yusof  for their Downy Parfum Mystique fashion line. Together with FV's Head Designer they came out with a beautiful collection in black and gold. I was fortunate enough to be able to take some shots with my humble camera amongst the sea of professional photographers.

Here are some shots I've taken from the show:

Here are a few of my favourite looks from this collection:

I really love those fishtail pleats detail at the back of the first gold top. I also love how sleek and femininely sexy yet modest the gold maxi dress is! 

For more runway pictures, stay tuned to

Fashion Valet's Facebook


One thing I love about my job as a Head Buyer is that I get to attend events like this. At times it gets tiring but at the end of the day, it's definitely worth it. :) Can't complain about it. 

This collection will be live on our website sometime in September *fingers cross!* 

P/s: Those leggings you see here will be available on

Fashion Valet

soon! Look out for the brand



Food {Melbourne}: Macarons By Josephine

There are only a few macarons places that I frequent. First is


, second is La Belle Miette and lastly Brunetti's. All the other macarons have this strong almond taste in them which I don't quite fancy. To be honest, I've tried Laduree's macarons before and I think it's a little bit over rated. Just an honest opinion, don't hate on me Laduree fans out there. :)

By Josephine

is a new macarons place located on Sydney Road, which is just nearby my house in Melbourne. *yeay!* Their macarons are smaller than usual but just the right size for macarons I reckon.   Usually you get overwhelmed by all the sweetness of the macaroon, you can only have 1 or two. But this one, I can have 5 all to myself! #omnomnom

Lucky me, the owner and baker of By Josephine was there that day. I had a brief chat with her and found out that she used to supply to other major dessert places. She only recently decided to open her cafe and cater directly to the public. Bless her soul for doing so, if not I wouldn't have discovered this amazing place. Not only does her macarons taste good, it's cheaper compared to all the macarons places I mentioned. A box of 12 macarons would cost you around AUD28. :) I hope her prices wouldn't increase in the near future though. Yummy and affordable macarons is the way to go!

Looking at all these pictures makes me wanna go back for more now!

My favourite flavour would be the salted caramel and black sesame. They just melt in your mouth, oh my. Remember to eat them fresh, they taste much better than leaving it in the fridge over night. Her specialty are those infused with flower flavour like Jasmine and such. The baker used to be a florist hence the floral influence in her macarons.  Also, do try their French Kumi tea. I had their Earl Grey tea and it went very well with the macarons. 

Let me know if you've been there and what was your experience like. :)

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Travel {Melbourne}: Seven Seeds Coffee

One of my favourite coffee places in Melbourne since my Uni days. That chocolate brioche (so delicious!) is a must have for me every time I'm there. Not forgetting that cup of coffee too. I am so excited and happy to be back in Melbourne again. It feels like forever since I last step foot here. The air, the people, the accent, my home and of course, the coffee. I can't wait to explore this city all over again! 

Stay tuned for more pictures. The above pictures were taken with my spanking new lens and I am already in love. I still have lots to learn but can't wait to share more here.