Our Engagement Shoot

When it comes to personal events that are happening in my life, especially if it involves my family or my husband, I tend not to announce/blog about it as soon as it happens. The reason is because my husband is a very private person and I want to respect that. It also gives me time to really let whatever happened sink in and appreciate it as it is. :) 

However, our engagement photoshoot has been long overdue! I've been wanting to share it here, but at that point (2 years ago now) I was still shy to share such intimate pictures of J and I. As beautiful as those pictures were, thinking about sharing it to the public, made me cringe so much back then. Yikes! I'm not one for PDA hence I was not sure about sharing them. But now, it's all good cause it's been a long time since then so there ya go. 


The awesome peeps over at The Wedding Scoop featured our sunrise engagement shoot with Jenny Sun in Sydney. You can read our story and look at more pictures by clicking here.

Thank you again Wedding Scoop for featuring us once again!


At Home - Dahlias

I think as I grow older, my home has become my favourite place to hang out. Hence, I do my best to keep it clean, update the decor once in a while and make it look as cosy as possible. I mean we do spend a lot of time at home, so why not? 

I love buying fresh flowers for my home. There's just something about keeping fresh flowers at home that makes the whole house feels livelier. Plus, they smell so good! Like these dahlias I took home with me after a floral arrangement class my friend Sera invited me to. They are just too pretty to not take pictures of.



It's good to be home! Will be doing more of this 'At Home' series in the my future posts.

2015 Recap

2015 Recap
Happy New Year!!!
I can't believe a year has passed me by, in a blink of an eye. For me this year has gone by extremely fast! And what a year it has been!
And. Yikes, my blog has been on a hiatus for a good 2 months. *guilty as charged* 
I think besides being able to travel so much this year, the most epic moment I had in 2015 was being to able do a photo shoot at a helipad in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to my very good friend Asma'.
As usual, a recap post is very important to me on my blog. I love reflecting on the past year and compare it to the previous years to see what I have and have not achieved. Here's my post on 2014 recap  and this is what I said I'll do in 2015:

Accidental Unicorn

Accidental Unicorn
As predicted, my silver hair has faded (I dyed it again before I left for New York). I'm still very much into the granny hair trend, however I thought why not add a little colour to it?

Almost Silver Balayage Ombre

Almost Silver Balayage Ombre
I decided to take some self portraits of my hair because with colours like these, it doesn't last very long. My stylist told me that the colour would fade away after 2 weeks. And true enough, the colour is starting to fade.

Mercy Peace Love

Mercy Peace Love
This is my favourite corner of my room. Candles, books and a hint of copper/rose gold.