Fashion {MSFW} : Wittner @ City Square

Due to numerous reasons, I couldn't attend the MSFW event this year. I'm really bummed out about it but you know, life goes on. Lucky me, a dear blogger friend is covering a series of events for me!

Here's one of the shows that he went to. It's the Wittner show held at Melbourne's City Square.

Enjoy the post!


By Calvin C. from

Wittner. One of the most coveted shoe labels in Australia has finally reached their 100 years mark and to celebrate this momentous year, they had a shoe runway show at the MSFW City Square.

A shoe runway is quite the unconventional method to showcase heels, one would imagine models dressed in only just tees and pants for the purpose of highlighting the shoe.

But not in Wittner, models were dressed according to themes based on their collection of shoes for this spring/summer.

From neon theme with blue jumpsuits and umbrella, pastel theme with soft frilled dresses, cupcakes and pastel chairs to punk with shredded tights and chains to match.

Not just that, Wittner also made the models dance according to the music beat, instead of the typical runway stomping – think Coco Rocha in Jean Paul Gaultier.

Why the dance, you ask? Wittner wants to show guests that their heels are so good and comfortable despite the towering heel that one can dance with it. 

So in short, the show was not like any other. And to top the perfect sundae with a cherry, Wittner also showcased their limited edition centenary collection – heels dressed in Swarovski crystals. It was a true star studded moment.