What I Wore {Langkawi}: Cool Blues and A Crown

Headpiece - Esti Aina

Jumpsuit - Sunny Girl (Fashion Valet)

Flash Tattoos - Luxola

This was the same headpiece that I wore for my wedding last year at Tanarimba. I felt that it deserves a post on its own in this space and also another reason for me to wear it again. I've been hunting high and low for a headpiece/crown like this. The original one that I was going to purchase was sold out everywhere. Thank God for talented friends! Esti, one of Asma's best friends is an amazing, amazing custom jewellery designer. We bought the gold leaves from a traditional trinkets store in downtown KL and gave it to Esti and she created this beautiful crown for me for my wedding. This piece, I will treasure and hopefully will be able to keep it in good condition for a long time. 


Langkawi is just so good looking in the morning, just before sunrise. It's cool breeze, white sandy beach and pastel hues is something you wouldn't want to miss. We woke up earlier that morning just before breakfast to take these shots by the beach. I love a good off shoulder top, even better if it's a jumpsuit! The moment I saw this jumpsuit, I knew I gotta have it. It goes so well with the tranquil backdrop of Langkawi and my gold crown. I felt like a modern day princess just strolling by the beach.

Oh Langkawi, I'd be back for sure.