Fashion : Autumn is On Her Way

Autumn Fashion

Brought to you by Quicksales

Autumn, unfortunately for some, is on its way.

There is no denying the change of leaves from green to auburn, and the wind chill that has slowly crept back after an extreme few weeks of heat we’ve experienced here in Melbourne.

With the change of seasons comes a change in wardrobe, particularly in a city with four very distinct seasons. I’m sure most of you have already begun to retire some of your summer clothes and to pull out your cardies and closed toed shoes, but if you plan on spending some of your hard-earned cash on some key autumn pieces, we’ve put together a great look to give you some inspiration.


1. Jacket -Quicksales

2. Beret -Chiquel

3. Dress -ASOS

4. Boots –The Iconic

5. Bag –Strandbags