Of San Churro's and Brunswick St Lovin'

Brunswick St is well known for its vintage goodies and it has a few quirky clothing stores as well!

Susan promised me she would bring me there shopping and off we went to Brunswick.

I Love Shopping on Brunswick!!

Yes, I was amazed by the giant flower. (No really, I was. It was a candid picture) Shop!Shop!Shop!

I like the black&white jacket-but i think I've spent enough for the day.

I bought two tops, a belt and a pair of shoes before that. If not I would've gotten the jacket

Apparently, San Churro's spanish doughnuts are really yummy.

Well.It was indeed very yummilicious!!

Oooo freshly fried spanish doughnuts dipped with melted milk chocolate! *drools*

HAHA! We came across this "Bimbo Coffee Stand"

While waiting for the tram under the hot burning sun!
It was a fun shopping day with my new found shopping buddy,

Can you tell that I merged these photos?