Boxing Day Gems

Remember this sneak peak picture of my Boxing Day buys I posted on my facebook page not too long ago?

Here is the actual picture:

It seems that everything I grabbed during Boxing Day sales was either pink or glittery.

I woke up at 4.45 a.m. on a rainy 26th December morning just so I could reach Myer (a departmental store in Australia) on Bourke Street at 5.30 a.m. Things I would do for shopping is beyond me!

I expected more people in Myer that morning but it was surprisingly quiet. After lunch time, however, it got busier and busier. At first you didn't need to queue up for anything, but after lunch time, the queue to try on clothes was ridiculous. I think some people just grabbed the clothes they wanted and bought them straight away. Apparently Myer offer full refund on any item you purchase if you decide it isn't right for you when you reach home. Pretty neat huh?

I spent 7 hours shopping at Myer and David Jones. Even so, I didn't manage to browse the whole of David Jones. There were too many people by the time I got there. I've heard people say that you get the best deal at both Myer and David Jones so I didn't bother going else where as I was tired and hungry from all the shopping.

Here are some of the gems I found during Boxing Day sales.

Cooper St sweetheart neckline pink dress:
Was $150 down to $70
 Seed Femme sequins grey knit:
Was $170 down to $100
 Cooper St tie dye silk top:
Was $120 down to $50
Bardot cotton pink boyfriend blazer:
Was $130 down to $70
I saw the same Bardot blazer on Chapel St's store recently for only $40!!! I was upset at first but then I realised that, if I waited, I wouldn't have gotten the size I wanted.They were only size 6 and 14 left.
Sportsgirl yellow shorts:
Was $60 down to $40

Some other items I bought which prices can't be mentioned here because I got them as gifts for friends:
The facial pack for men from Kiehl's was 50% off!
David Jones had the exact same pack without discount. 

That is all the items I bought during Boxing Day. I thought I would be buying more stuff than this but I'm proud to say that I was in control and only bought items that I really wanted. :) 
In total I saved approximately $300 -$ 350 off the normal retail price of those items above. *woot woot*

Which is your favourite out of all my buys?