Is it really 'worth' it?

**updated with pics.

My first week at work came and gone.

First day was unexpected and pretty interesting. I came a lil too early than expected- I was supposed to be there from 8.30 to 9 am but I wasn't sure so I reached there at 8am sharp!

When I reached the office, I was expecting my own desk, computer and everything ready for me, so that I would start work on that day itself.

Nope, not as expected. I had to actually clean my table(cause it was so dusty and near the windows there were so many dead bugs!- which I didn't clean btw), helped the other person moved desk and all those kinda stuff!

It was all good when I finally settled in. Explored my new computer for a bit and headed for lunch not long after that. Everyone there mostly bring their own lunch or make lunch during lunch time. Gosh, and they all eat SO healthily! Seriously, even the guys had like so many fruits and veggies on their plate. They make me feel really bad bout my eating habits!

Met almost everyone at Loreal except for a few who were on hols and were out for meetings, etc. All of them are so friendly. First day was quite relaxing, did some data comparison and some other basic stuff then I'm off to home. Though it was nothing much, but I was so so tired! I only had an hour of sleep! It was so hard to get up at 6 am but I had to kicked myself in the butt and wake up!

So that was how my first day was. Unexpected but it was nice nevertheless. I've learnt that L'oreal's working environment is more relaxed than other companies. Even the 'smart-casual' dress code is different. I thought we had to wear shirts and stuff just without the jacket ( I hate wearing the padded jackets- so ugly on me) but no, it was not what I thought. I see people wearing cotton shirt like dresses, high waisted skirts with sleeveless top and almost all were very fashionable.

Tuesday up till Thursday was ordinary, nothing special happened. On Thursday, the staff shop was open but I couldn't go there cause I don't have a car and I doubt I'd be allowed to take time off just to go shopping at the staff shop. So I asked Corrinne, one of the financial controllers if she could get me some Biotherm products. She was nice enought to get it for me. It was $20 AUD for a pack of goodies! I was so happy!:)
Pic's quality is really bad this time cause I don't have my camera with me and my sister's camera gave me probs! Argh! So frustrating
Problem resolved! Bf bought me a memory card reader! woohoo!

  • Friday was a different story. :)
I like Friday of the first week. We had a Christmas Function which was held at the Moonee Valley Racecourse! It was my first time at a race course and it was a good experience. Met a few new people and socialize for a bit. But I was too tired to mingle more, cause I stayed back in the office from 3pm ( we got off at 3pm that day- we dont normally get off at that time but its summer and Loreal decided to make use of the daylight) till around 6pm to tag a ride with one of the controllers to the race course. Oh and I bet on a horse called Zedawind No. 8- just cause I like the name. But I was unlucky, the horse didn't win the race.

The function was not bad actually. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. By 10, you can see people starting to get tipsy and drunk cause of the free flow of alcohol! It was funny & unexpected, cause you don't ever see them like that in office! The event ended at around 11 but, there was an after party at a bar called Golden Gates. I didn't go for that cause I was just too exhausted! I needed my bed so badly yesterday night! sheesh, I don't know where those people get their energy from!

Besides that, I got a Swatch Watch as a christmas present from the company and my boss Kylie, brought me to Kerastase department to fix me up with some of their products! Woohoo! Kerastase baby! The conditioner costs like almost 50AUD in retail outlets. How awesome is that, I got it for free! I think this is the best part of working for L'oreal!:)

I guess it's kinda worth it coming back to Melbourne early to work. At least I'm getting some benefits from it :)
I still miss home very much. The holidays are too short for me to fly back, so my Dad gave me the best Christmas gift this year! He's sending me my MOMMY!! WEeeee! She'll be arriving on Christmas morning! I can't waitttttttttttttttt! :)
One more day to rest, then work cycle starts again.

Wish me luck!

**Pics of me office :) Kitchen
Random Poster & me

P/s : Yan! I know how to operate the coffee machine! Wooohoo!:) I can save on Starbucks now, haha! Also, on the barista course!